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Looking To Move? Here Are 4 Neighborhoods You Need To Consider Before Making A Decision

Looking To Move? Here Are 4 Neighborhoods You Need To Consider Before Making A Decision

Edmonton is home to many different neighborhoods, and each of these neighborhoods has its own unique personality. If you’re looking for the best communities in Edmonton, you’ll find them below. These four neighborhoods are very impressive; they’re all beloved by Edmonton residents.


Strathcona has been one of the most popular neighborhoods in Edmonton for a very long time. This neighborhood is frequently praised for its density. You can easily access this neighborhood’s many amenities by foot.

Of course, walkability doesn’t mean much if there isn’t anywhere to walk to. Strathcona offers a little bit of everything you could want in a neighborhood. There are restaurants, a farmer’s market, live theater and music, festivals, and so much more. People from all over Edmonton come to this neighborhood to attend events like the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. It’s a beloved neighborhood for a reason!


Glenora is one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Edmonton, and it’s easy to understand why. The area is full of large detached homes; many of the people in this neighborhood live in a property that is quite spacious. The neighborhood is also known for its beauty. The area around Alexander Circle is absolutely stunning. The fountain is considered to be a Glenora landmark!

Of course, this neighborhood also has plenty of things to do. It’s near both downtown Edmonton and the high street. There are also an array of community activities. It’s clear that this neighborhood is a fantastic place to live.


This is one of the older neighborhoods in Edmonton. It’s been around for more than a century. Thankfully, this neighborhood has only improved with age. While it has plenty of beautiful historic buildings, it has a lot of modern amenities as well.

A lot of the historic homes in this area have been refurbished; these properties are highly sought after by homeowners. There are also plenty of businesses and restaurants in the Westmount area. This is a lovely and quiet place to live, but there are also lots of things to see and do.


If you do a lot of biking, Summerside might be the ideal neighborhood for you. The community is home to the beloved Velocity Cycle’s Creek Side, and it also has plenty of bike paths. If you need to park your bike, you’ll find plenty of options. There are tons of bike parking spots throughout the area.

Of course, bikers aren’t the only people that will find a lot to love about Summerside. The neighborhood is also home to beloved local institutions like Acme Meats and Transcend Coffee. New businesses are opening up in the area all the time. You can easily reach out to Search Beast to help market your Edmonton business.

Edmonton is a fantastic city, but certain neighborhoods stand out from the rest. Take a closer look at some of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton and see if any of these places stand out to you. If you do wind up moving to one of these neighborhoods, you’ll be delighted there.

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