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How To Build A Strong Online Presence For Your Business

How To Build A Strong Online Presence

How To Build A Strong Online Presence For Your Business

It is virtually impossible to run a business today without having an online presence, as the risk of missing out far outweighs the relatively affordable investment at the initial stages. The proliferation of smartphones these days and easy access to data means anyone can access the web while searching for a particular business. It is imperative to move to where your potential customers are – online, regardless of your business size or industry niche. This is where Search Beast SEO excels (humble-brag).

An online presence is not good enough though, as it will also need to be optimized to take full advantage of various tools and platforms such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, paid advertising, and even a LinkedIn account for networking purposes. These factors will need to work hand in hand with quality content so that potential customers will be exposed to your business and brand name. Here are some basic building blocks to ensure that your business’ online presence is optimized.

1. A Great website

Never underestimate the power of a mobile-friendly & fast loading website. It will need to have a clean design, where an easily identifiable logo or perhaps a catchy motto is more than welcome. Make sure that all of the relevant information can be conveniently accessed without having to peel through layers of menu options. For instance, a law office or dental clinic website should feature the operating hours, location, contact information and types of services provided at first glance, while other details such as the panel of practicing lawyers and doctors can be accessed through a menu. It can be all too easy to lose sight of the important details when incorporating the “wow” factor in a website’s presentation. Setting up a website is so simple these days that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to get the job done.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Just like how it does not make sense to place a banner that advertises a casket company in a school, the same rule of common sense applies when it comes to online advertising for websites. Search engines can be a website’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on how well the website in question has been optimized. With close to 90 percent of consumers taking advantage of search engines to check out a business, service, or product before taking the next step, it is to one’s advantage that each website should be carefully optimized with the proper SEO safeguards in place.

Do take note that Google is not the magic wand in all circumstances. While the English speaking world would gravitate towards Google naturally, a business in Russia will do a whole lot better when the website has been optimized for Yandex. Over in South Korea, Naver is the search engine of choice while Baidu trumps all of the other search engines in China. It pays to be geographically sensitive when optimizing a business website.

3. Social Media Outreach

The modern day word of mouth is social media, and it would be folly to underestimate the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat when it comes to getting the word out on a particular business or service. Make sure that the social media name is unique enough to be easily remembered by everyone to be effective.

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