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Services We Provide

The team at Search Beast have years of experience in the online space, with experts in web design & development, as well as SEO. We take pride in delivering customized solutions and engaging experiences for all our clients around the world.    

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We get your site to the top of the search engines organically to boost traffic and increase sales!

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Properly optimized Adword campaigns can bring in clients at a steady pace.

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Web Design & Development

Our team of experts get together, figure out your dream site, and turn that into reality.

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Reputation Management

Don’t let reputation be tarnished by competitors, immature comments, and false accusations. Take control of your online image.

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Proprietary Techniques & Tools To Get You Dominating The Search Engines. 

At Search Beast we make sure you stay on top of your competition. Our staff is constantly immersed in the lastet SEO trends, acquiring the lastest tools, adpoting the best methods into our arsenal, and best of all – getting real, top level rankings in google.   With some basic information given by you, our team will conduct a full on analysis of your industry, the competition, and of course your own site. Once strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are found, our job of getting you to the top becomes so much easier.  


Keyword Ranking


Satistified Customers

We Help You Convert More.

With our years of experience in web design and your special requests, we can mix those two things together to give you your dream website. A site that your customers are compelled by, and makes them want to call you for your services – thats our definition of success.

  • Our team assses exactly what you envision, then we get our best programmers on the job.

  • We analyze industry standards and figure out ways to get a leg up above the competition.

  • Your Site is made mobile friendly, and site speed is dramatically increased.

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We help your site get found.

When was the last time you searched for something on the second or third page of google? In this noisy world, if you are not on the first page of google – especially the first three spots organically – then frankly you don’t exist to your customers.

Interesting Statistics:

  • Over 70 – 80 % of searchers ignore paid advertisment, and skip to the organic search results.

  • The number one organic search result will get ~33-40% of total clicks.

  • According to Hubspot 75% of total users never pass the first page.

  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to paid advertisment leads at 1.7%

Keys to SEO Success

On Page Optimization

Our team accesses the backend of your site and ensures everything has been set up the way search engines and users like.

Blogging/Content Creation

Google loves to see sites producing fresh, high quality content for it's users. If done properly, google will rewards these sites with a boost in rankings.

Traffic & Social

Nothing looks more natural than real live humans going to your website who are actually interested in your product. That, and a buzzing social profile is the iceing on your SEO cake.

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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization For Local Businesses

“Google it” is often the first remark you hear when a question is thrown out to another person or even to a group of people. It is no surprise that the word “Google” has entered our everyday lexicon and consciousness judging by the way the technology company has risen to power over the years. Any business would love to be at the top of its prospective clients’ rspective shopping lists, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be able to help achieve this goal if done right. Businesses in the Edmonton area that think SEO Edmonton would do well to connect with Search Beast. Being an SEO company that possesses the right kind of experience, we are able to help your company or organization be listed at the top of search results. Being No. 1 has its share of perks, and the same applies to businesses that enlist the assistance of an SEO company like ours. Online ad network Chitika presented through a study that top listings in Google’s organic search results gain the lion’s share in terms of traffic at 33 percent. The second placed listing will pick up 18 percent, followed by a continuous degradation down the line. Compete.com also ran a study that pointed to how 53 percent of organic search clicks tend to end up with the first link as the natural choice for users. In the same study, Chitika discovered that having a business listed on the first page of a Google search results in a whopping 91.5 percent of traffic being directed that way, while a second page listing would see a huge drop off to a mere 4.8 percent, followed by just 1.1 percent if a business is listed on the third page of a Google search. In other words, not many users are interested with subsequent results and hence, will not take the trouble to check out the remaining pages. This underlines the immense importance to gain a prominent position within Google’s search results, and as an SEO company, we are able to help our clients achieve their target or goal. Another interesting point that we would like to share concerning  Google search results is this: regardless of the page that the listing appears in, being positioned right at the top will always tend to yield far more traffic compared to the others that share the page. The level of SEO success is more often than not, determined by the rankings. With more and more businesses bridging the digital divide and making their presence felt online, we believe that having a strong SEO ranking is an invaluable tool in our client’s arsenal to remain ahead of the competition. The Internet does help level the playing field somewhat for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as mom-and-pop stores. Viral marketing and digital word-of-mouth do have their part to play, but nothing trumps the immense power of Google and optimum SEO to leverage existing traffic that can lead to an explosion of new leads and customers.   We at Search Beast are always excited to be able to leverage  the power of SEO in order to bring our client’s business or organization to a whole new level.   If you reside in the Edmonton & surrounding areas such as: Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, St. Albert, Stoney Plain and Spruce Grove then give us a call at (780) 900-3666 or visit ourcontact page for more details.