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Social Media Marketing

How Can Social Media Marketing Help My Business

What type of platforms do people spend the most time on? You guessed it, social media! According to Facebook, the average user is on their website for an average of 50+ minutes per day. If we throw in Instagram, snapchat, youtube, and many others the numbers climb even higher. Many experts have unanimously agreed that advertising your business on platforms where people are ALREADY focusing on is the key to marketing. You must get infant of your ideal customer’s eyes as many times as possible. Stats prove that the more a potential consumer sees your brand on various platforms, the more likely they are to pick your brand when it comes to time of purchase. Think of social media as a means of building trust with your customers and another means of driving traffic to your site. Content marketing to deliver useful information, reputation marketing to reinforce trust and product or service marketing to offer attractive deals and solutions to your customer’s unique problems. If you are a business owner that simply doesn’t have the time to post updates at regular intervals, or you haven’t been shown a proven strategy to succeed with social media, we are here to help. We have used these tactics to help hundreds of business drive more traffic and ultimately increase revenue for their business.

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