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Summer Activities In Edmonton AB That You & Your Family Will Enjoy!

Summer Activities In Edmonton AB That You & Your Family Will Enjoy!

Edmonton, Alberta along the Saskatchewan River is a great Canadian city to visit during any season. Nicknamed Canada’s Festival City, Edmonton has this motto: Industry, Integrity, Progress. Did you know that Edmonton is home to almost a million people? It is a growing city and a highly-travelled city, too. Here are some summer activity ideas in Edmonton that you and your family might enjoy.

Elk Island National Park

Elk Island off of Highway 16 is one cool place to visit during the summer in Edmonton. It’s one place where you can enjoy the lake, and there are some excellent nature trails there, too. Enjoy the wildlife there, and enjoy activities like camping and kayaking. People report seeing a lot of bison up in that area of the city of Edmonton, Alberta.


West Edmonton Mall Water Park

Do you have kids? If so, then you’re going to want to visit World Waterpark during the summer, too. Concerning indoor wave pools, this water park has the largest in the entire world. There are also 17 waterslides, and the kids can enjoy other water features as well. World Waterpark is located at 8882 170 Street NW at West Edmonton Mall. You might as well check out the mall while you’re there, too.


Mill Creek Ravine Park

Then there is Mill Creek Ravine Park, which is located on the corner of 95A Street and 83rd Avenue. You’re actually in the city when you visit the ravine. You’re going to be surrounded by the water and beautiful scenery, and you can check out Trellis Bridge as well. Since you are in the city, there are also plenty of restaurants to visit nearby, too.


William Hawrelak Park

Let’s stick with parks for the next top summer attraction, which is William Hawrelak Park, located at 9330 Groat Road. There are ice castles there, and you can find lots of food there, too, according to reviews. While it is a great summertime destination, people talk about going there during the winter as well, specifically for ice skating. As for the food, people say that you can taste dishes from 100 countries all over the world during the Heritage Fest.


Botanic Garden

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden has won awards and features so much to see. There is a butterfly house there, and the attraction located off of Highway 60 features acre upon acre of gardens. The Botanic Garden at the University of Alberta is a beautiful space, and there is a snack shop on site if you get hungry. There is a lack of shady spots there according to reviews, but there are places to sit and rest, taking in the views.


In Summary

How does that sound for summer activity ideas in Edmonton, Alberta? The places mentioned are top attractions in the city, and there are indeed more where that came from. Remember that Edmonton is a beautiful city to visit during any season. You’re going to enjoy your family vacation in the City of Champions. Travel the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, and see what other attractions you can find as you make your way around. Also, if you’re a business owner click here to learn more about how Search Engine Optimization can help your Edmonton business.



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