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The Best Winter Activity Ideas In Edmonton

Temperatures in Edmonton can get quite chilly during the winter. However, that doesn’t mean you have to hold up at home. There are all kinds of winter activity ideas in Edmonton. Explore some of your options and start making plans for your next Edmonton winter.

Attend The Winter Festival

Edmonton doesn’t die down during the winter. This city holds festivals during every season of the year. It’s often described as the “festival city.” In the winter, the Deep Freeze festival is a significant draw. This annual festival goes on for several days. The purpose of the festival is to embrace the cold winter climate in Edmonton.

Of course, this isn’t the only winter festival that takes place in Edmonton. There’s also the Ice on Whyte. As the name suggests, this festival is all about ice. There are ice slides, ice carving contests, and so much more. Start looking at Edmonton’s winter festivals and see which events you’d like to attend.

Rent Snowshoes

When Edmonton is covered in snow, you can explore the city while wearing snowshoes! A lot of parks in Edmonton actually rent out snowshoes. Renting snowshoes is affordable, and these shoes make it easy to navigate the snowy ground.

Walking around in snowshoes will give you the chance to see Edmonton in a new light. You shouldn’t let the snow keep you from exploring. Before snow plows were invented, it was common for people to use snowshoes to get around. While these shoes aren’t essential today, they can still be a lot of fun. We get it, at this point you’re probably in love with Edmonton! If so, once you’re done reading you can click here to help you figure out the best neighborhoods in Edmonton to live in.

Try Tobogganing

There are all kinds of activities you can only enjoy in the winter, and tobogganing is one of them. There are a lot of fantastic tobogganing spots in this area. With a sled and the right hill, you’ll be able to have an incredible time. Check out Rabbit Hill.

Tobogganing is an activity that’s very popular with kids, but it’s also something that adults can enjoy. Don’t let your age keep you from hopping onto a sled. No matter how old you are, you should still be able to have a lot of fun when Edmonton sees its first snowfall!

Visit The Skating Rink

Edmonton is home to many ice skating rinks. While some of these rinks are open year-round, other outdoor rinks are only open during the winter season.

Ice skating can be a lot of fun, even if your skating skills aren’t very strong. If you bundle up and grab the occasional hot chocolate, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun as you skate. In fact, moving around will help to keep you warm even when it’s freezing outside!

Winters in Edmonton don’t have to be dreary. There are so many fantastic things to do when temperatures start to drop. Take a closer look at these winter activity ideas in Edmonton and see if any of them might appeal to you. A lot of people are amazed when they see just how much they can do during the colder months of the year. Click here to learn more about Search Beast’s Edmonton Office.